Nairobi to Dar es Salaam

Treat yourself to your own one of a kind African encounter as you leave on this extraordinary experience from Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to the island heaven of Zanzibar – with an extremely exceptional natural life experience with the delightful mountain gorillas in the middle! Finish everything off with a merited lay on Zanzibar and you have yourself one truly staggering occasion.

Nairobi, Kenya to Lake Nakuru National Park

Battle your fly slack by arriving multi-day before our epic experience, and after that ascent right on time to withdraw Nairobi for the Great Rift Valley. The Valley is a colossal split in the Earth’s surface extending from the Red Sea to Madagascar (yet with specially stamped ledges here in Kenya). Have your camera good to go – these perspectives are something to keep in touch with home about.

Afterward, we stop at our camp close Lake Nakuru National Park, a generally little park (by African principles) however with a bounty of natural life on account of its area on the Great Rift Valley floor. This evening will give an awesome prologue to East Africa’s untamed life assorted variety because of an evening amusement drive utilizing nearby aides and littler safari vehicles for a progressively private encounter.

Included today:

– Visit the Great Rift Valley

– Lake Nakuru National Park Game Reserve drive

Lake Nakuru National Park to Eldoret

From Nakuru, we proceed with northwest and move in height towards the town of Eldoret in transit to the Ugandan boondocks. Review your geography information by finding out about the hugeness of the equator as we cross it today from the Southern Hemisphere toward the Northern. Peruse additionally: special photograph openings. At long last, we reach Eldoret, whose name depends on the Maasai word ‘Eldore’, signifying ‘stony waterway’, because of the stony bed of the adjacent Sosiani River. When we achieve our astounding campground, taste on a sundowner around the glow of an open log flame and wonder about the unspoiled setting of cascades, streams and wooden extensions.

Eldoret to Kampala, Uganda

We cross into Uganda, portrayed by Winston Churchill as the ‘Pearl of Africa’. This nation is loaded with wonderful regular landscape and a rich mosaic of clans and societies. Going through Uganda you will be enamored by its sheer magnificence and the benevolence of the general population. On our first night, we camp in the capital, Kampala, which is an alluring sloping city clamoring with roadside merchants, showcases and occupied matatu (minibus taxi) stands.

Kampala to Queen Elizabeth National Park

From Kampala, we travel west towards Queen Elizabeth National Park, again over the equator and through fruitful, green-terraced slopes, rich banana ranches and tangled woods. Keep your eyes stripped for the crowds of Ankole cows, with their inconceivable since quite a while ago, bent horns, wandering the streets and enclosures. Setting up camp only a short separation from Queen Elizabeth National Park, you’ll get the opportunity to kick back and loosen up, go for a stroll in the encompassing territories and blend with the network, nearby style.

Ruler Elizabeth National Park

At the beginning of today, we enter the Queen Elizabeth National Park and take in the wonderful perspectives on the mountains that different Uganda from focal Africa, just as Lakes Edwards and George. Ruler Elizabeth National Park has more than 500 types of feathered creatures and 100 types of well-evolved creatures, making it a standout amongst the most bio-different national stops on the planet. Close-by, we visit the Kyambura Gorge for an energizing trek to see the chimpanzees. On leaving the National Park, we advance toward the dazzling Lake Bunyonyi – the ideal spot to loosen up, unwind and investigate (when that we don’t trek to see the mountain gorillas, obviously).

Included today:

– Queen Elizabeth National Park chimpanzee trekking on either day 4 or day 5

Ruler Elizabeth National Park to Lake Bunyoyni

Throughout the following three days, you and your experience pals will be part of two gatherings. On the main day, one gathering will trek to observe the astounding mountain gorillas very close, while the others have a free day of relaxing on the lake. At that point the following day, the gatherings swap.

Upon the arrival of our trek, we accumulate in the early morning to meet our nearby guide and tracker. The region that we investigate is home to the world’s staying 700 mountain gorillas, a large number of which possess the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (if you don’t mind note that incidentally, we may need to venture out into neighboring Rwanda to see the gorillas). The trek into the thick rainforest can be requesting now and again, with uneven landscape and sloping rainforest, yet the benefit of investing energy with a group of these delicate primates attempts more than beneficial.

If you don’t mind note: Depending on the accessibility of the chimpanzee and gorilla allows, the visit agenda may shift from the handout schedule. Now and again, we may need to trek on various days. In the event that whenever our gorilla trek ought to be in another neighboring nation, i.e Rwanda (rather than Uganda) this may involve additional visa charges, however, we’ll try to inform you before flight regarding any huge changes to the outing agenda. If it’s not too much trouble except the above agenda as a rule as it were.

Lake Bunyoyni

In case you’re not on the present trek, exploit your spare time by the lake with a bounty of fatigue executioner exercises. Contract kayaks and swing by a portion of the islands, meander the nearby clans and towns, visit the neighborhood halfway house or channel your internal pioneer with a nature walk. On the other hand, kick your feet up at camp and make up for lost time with the journal or postcards home.

Included today:

– Gorilla trekking on either day 7 or day 8

Lake Bunyoyni

For those with a free day, invest your energy swanning around the campground, kayak the lake’s quiet waters or find why the staggering zone is known as the ‘spot of numerous winged creatures’ with a spot of fledgling viewing. The present all yours, so spend it as you see fit.

Included today:

– Gorilla trekking on either day 7 or day 8

Lake Bunyoyni to Kampala

Leaving Lake Bunyonyi, we advance back over the equator, through lavish field lands and the northern ranges of Africa’s biggest lake, Lake Victoria, to Kampala. A hotspot for extraordinary sustenance and excitement, Kampala is the ideal spot for our medium-term remain. Take the night to appreciate the accommodation of the neighborhood Ugandans, before resting your head and getting in some truly necessary zzz’s.

Kampala to Jinja

After we say goodbye to the capital, we adventure a short separation to Jinja where our camp on the verdant banks of the River Nile is standing by. It was in 1862 that the British pioneer John Hanning Speke perceived Lake Victoria as the ‘wellspring of the Nile’, settling a long-running question about Africa’s (and the world’s) longest stream. From this humble landmark, the Nile starts its 6,610km adventure through Uganda, Sudan and in the end Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.


Since our camp in Jinja disregards a sensational arrangement of rapids (known as Bujagali Falls), it’s nothing unexpected that the district is to some degree an adrenalin play area. Adrenaline junkies will delight in the opportunity to attempt discretionary whitewater boating – yet on the off chance that you come up short on that thrill seeker streak, mountain biking, quad biking, and town strolls are additionally on offer.

When you’ve had your fill of heart-dashing exercises, move up your sleeves and accept the open door to have any kind of effect for neighborhood youngsters at a school venture. Delicate Power Education is a privately run volunteer program went for structure and improving schools in the Jinja territory. Your commitment of a couple of long periods of painting or putting is in every case generally welcome.

Jinja to Eldoret, Kenya

After our energy filled break in Jinja, we backtrack our means over the fringe of Kenya and on towards Eldoret, where we will set up camp throughout the night. This evening, share a couple of giggles with your new travel companions and think back about your gorilla experiences around the open air fire.

Eldoret to Nairobi

Today we cross the equator and advance back to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The city has seen quick development as of late yet has a relatively little focus. Invest some energy investigating the business sectors, specialty and book shops, bistros and eateries by walking.


Hit the asphalt and investigate Nairobi’s perpetual shopping, markets, bars, eateries and one of a kind bistro culture. In case regardless you’re stuck for thoughts, your Trip Leader will be more than willing to enable you to organize discretionary neighborhood outings in and around the city including a visit to the National Museum of Kenya, a safari at Nairobi National Park, or an evening at the Karen Blixen Museum in the adjacent town of Karen.

Nairobi to Maasai Mara National Reserve

Going in little, specific safari vehicles, we advance over the Great Rift Valley to the Maasai Mara National Reserve, getting a charge out of the huge vistas in transit. Plan for two evenings of outdoors on the edge of the save, with a lot of time to investigate the recreation center and meet local people on morning and evening diversion drives.

The ‘Mara’ is crossed each year among July and October by extraordinary groups of wildebeest, zebras and other touching creatures in their movement from the connecting Serengeti fields toward the south (in Tanzania). Amid our remain, we would like to see a few, if not all, of Africa’s Big Five (elephant, lion, rhino, bison and panther) and a variety of other untamed life. Keep your eyes stripped!

Included today:

– Masai Mara National Reserve outing

Maasai Mara National Reserve

Begin the day directly with an enlightening morning amusement drive, where we’ll be on the steady pay special mind to the well known Big Five. Think elephants, rhinos, bison, lions, and panthers. In the middle of our morning and evening amusement drives, we have a lot of time to unwind and splash up the choice all-encompassing perspectives that this remarkable zone of regular magnificence conveys to the table. Note to self: pack camera.

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